• September 7, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

Catching Up With… Pablo Aravena, Director of NEXT: A Primer on Urban Painting





“I recently went back to my home country, Chile with my film NEXT. I screened it at the Santiago International Film Festival SANFIC and it got a great home crowd response. I met some of the writers and painters that work on street there and I can tell you that Chile has a very strong and vibrant street art/graffiti scene. I would even say that there is a distinct Chilean style coming out with traces of the political muralism from the 70’s (Brigada Ramona Parra style), wildstyle, pixacao influence and latin american muralism in general. You have people working in all the styles and techniques from traditional NY style lettering to postering, stenciling, stickering its all there. The other thing that had a great impact on me is that you feel the strong socio/political connection there with making work on the street since its anchored in a reality were there is poverty beside a lot of wealth.

I had the chance to spend 2 days in Valparaiso the jewel of Chilean cities. This wonderful port city with its 48 hills is covered in murals, pieces and tags. It has a great cultural life, it is really like the Barcelona of Chile. I got the insider tour from Charquipunk a local street artist and great DJ.  I fell in love with Valparaiso and will return there in late December to soak up its vibe some more.”... Pablo Aravena