• March 28, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With…. The Scrawl


Catchin’ Up With…. The Scrawl Collective

“Hey there Wooster Crew! How’s it
going in the Big Apple?? Just thought i’d send u a quick note to say that the
new updated Scrawl site is up at "http://www.scrawlcollective.co.uk">scrawlcollective.co.uk Also more Scrawl
news is that Matt Sewell and Mr Jago will appearing at the Puma Store in Carnaby
Str in London on 9th of April, doing a live painting to celebrate the store’s
1st birthday. Then on saturday the 12th, we’ll be joined by Steff Plaetz as we
continue to paint and draw on shit…. if any of u are in town, pop in an say
hiya…. big luv”