• May 18, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With…. Ewos

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  “Hey woosters! long time ago i have send you something. here
some pix…as you can see we (Ewos-Mamacita) enjoy here in Amsterdam.

/>have been travveling trough some cities in europe and have alot of
souvenirs….will sent some more soon.

meanwhile i still update my
fotologsite almost every day of the adventures in the streets.You can see people
from everywhere visting us here and we visit some people elswere too…

In AMsterdam For example:

- The MISS VAN expo in 90
sqm and her painting at daytime in amsterdam in the streets, which is not realy
a common thing.


Smokin lots of joint ans stickering with PAPALIMBO in AMSterdam.

Posting BIG BIG BILLS in daytime on the most bussy street of Amsterdam with OPT
from Bordeaux….finally…after some moths..(see pic) Running into GALO
meanwhile…hehehe hey GALO pass that joint!!

- Have an
American/Dutch Bagel with ALEXONE and trading stickers cause that what he came
for i think;-) And showing ME!!! that there is a sculpure of DELTA in 90sqm in
Amsterdam..i didi not know that…


The crazy Italian guys OZMO and ABBOMINEVOLE…sticking some with them…they
are still all over the place…here…
Out of Amsterdam For

- We went to Toulouse, smokin joints with PAPA LIMBO. and
stickin some with MISS VAN and him…

- In Paris we drink a beer with
HUHUHU, exchange t-shirts., saw the incredible atelier of l’atlas and his
friends, the atelier of POW and his great robots.
Madame moiselle Bulle
whome we pulled out of her bed and pyjama’s to come and have a drink with
us…...at 05.00 oclock in the morning….sorry Bulle..hahahaha



Tried to get in a Party with STAK, to drink alot of champagne….but next time
better STAK…have your own MOBILE PHONE!!;-)
and alot of others we have
met there…Paris is always fun…

- In Brussels we have meet ALEXONE
who seems to have some troubles with cars occasionally….strange maybe its over


i can
go on & on….come and visit! it’s fun! some more pics will follow soon….
how are you doing?? come to Amsterdam once



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