• May 27, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With… Yok

“A lot or a little has been happening in the land
of The Yok ( i haven’t figured out which). After months of no work, no money
and no hope, angry friends, bills and parking fines, I started to get hold of
some paying jobs, a few murals here in Perth, and some illustration work for a
rad Melbourne magazine Sneaker Freaker and a sticker pack for another rad mag
Lucky. Why am i writting this i’m not sure, i guess when i quit my job to do art
it was pretty shitty for about 9 months I suppose that was the gestation period
over. I was pregnant and gave birth to some jobs…whatever…it’s late..not
sure what i’m writting… it is possible to live off art so if your in the
beginning of the 9mth it will get better!!!”... YOK






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