• May 29, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With… Tristan Manco

“The Street
Logos book
is the number one in bookshops in Bristol! (at least in


/>A lot of the artists have also been getting good feedback from it so far. I’ve
been making a promotional trail, starting off at Bristol’s Cube cinema for two
night’s of graffiti films plus live painting by the Wet Shame crew. Guests also
included New York’s famed Darius and Downey who left a few street sculptures for
the good folk of Bristol.

We then moved the event to the ICA - where
Brad Downey, Quenell Jones and Darius Jones presented their film “Public
Discourse” to a very appreciative audience. Stolen Space and Patrick Burgoyne,
editor of Creative Review were on hand to take part in a discussion. Other films
on the night were “Access” kindly donated by Eko and “President of Faile” by
Aiko from Faile.

Next up was a small event at the new Montana store
in Barcelona - with guests from UK (Aargh Crew), France(Akroe & L’Atlas) and
Spain (Freaklub & Ong crew) all meeting up to celebrate the books release.
L’Atlas presented a small exhibition of paintings too. A great excuse to be in
the graffiti mecca that is Barcelona.


/>Finally I was invited by Sergio from href="http://www.subaquatica.com">Subaquatica - (an excellent shop in
Madrid) to do a presentation of the book as part of his own event. He had
invited many artists featured in the book to create a group painting and to
produce some site specific work in Madrid. Artist’s included: Nano 4814,
Microbo, El Tono and Nuria, Sixe and Miss Van. It was great to be in the home
city of Eltono and Nuria and see their work on the streets as well as the great
signs Nano made - powered up by the cities own power lines. I need to scan my
photos so I’ve attached one from Pablo Aravena’s website - who was shooting the
Spanish section of his film at the same time. href="http://www.nextthemovie.com/">http://www.nextthemovie.com/



/>Thanks to all the people who made the book happen and for supporting the

Cheers, Tris