• January 23, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With… Scarlet P,  the

“Like a kind of Johnny Propagandaseed I’ve been
leaving niggling little reminders for motorists along the peripheries of the
Interstates reading: “The War is a Lie… and you know it.”, “Osama Bin
Forgotten” and “Your Message Here”.  My placement strategy is simple: make the
signs easy to see and difficult to reach.  Using this tactic I’ve had highly
visible signs stay up for weeks, getting the message out to literally hundreds
of thousands of people, all for about ten cents worth of cardboard, housepaint
and duct tape.

I firmly believe that even if just a handful of
others started to adopt these strategies and tactics, we could witness the birth
of an entirely new mass-medium: the People’s Outdoor Advertising Network! 
(possible slogan, “This Message Not Paid For By Anyone.”)  As more and more of
the information in this society falls under the control of fewer and fewer
interests, it becomes crucial that we stand up for individual free speech any
way we can…  particularly in these months leading up to November.  Do what you
can to spread the word.”... Peace, Scarlet P.


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