• August 4, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With The Team at The Outside Institute in London

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/>“Thought we’d drop you news of the latest installment at the Outside
Institute, this time it’s a double bill extravaganza!!

Dave The
Chimp, Flying Fortress and Eddi Adfunture are all in town for a double-bill at
the Outside Institute…. And they are all totally insane.

For the
last week or so, the Institute has become an alladins cave of vinyl, canvas and
paint. It’s also been a totally unhealthy working environment for us… Largely
due to the super-loud ‘hair metal’ and German gabba-core coming from the
upstairs gallery space! Apparently it gets Fortress in the mood!?!

/>Chimp and Fortress’ Visual Rock ‘Stars - BACKSTAGE PASS’ show opens tomorrow
night in our upstairs gallery. The opening show will feature, from what we
understand, loud meta,l music, booze, screaming, live painting, and hot groupie

During the month of August these ‘Visual Rock Stars’ will
utilise the Outside Institute gallery as a blank canvas, the interior will be
transformed into a visual feast. The event will be open to the public to visit
the two artists as they work continuously on a stream of wall paintings,
drawings, canvases, 3D work & crowd involved ambient ‘tattooing’ amongst
other activities.

A final inter-active performance piece is scheduled
for the closing party of all closing parties on the 25th August.



As if all that wasn’t enough downstairs, Eddi from
AdFunture is displaying their work of past and present, with a collection of
Fling figures, better known as ‘The Monkey Show’ with artists such as Derrick
Hodgson, Jon Burgerman, Pure Evil and JAKe amongst others. As well as the launch
of D*Dog by the artist D*Face, with 24 unique customised D*Dogs on display. This
will mark Adfunture’s first exhibition in London and the last stop for ‘The
Monkey Show’.

Word, it’s making us feel tired and the thought of it
all… and having to put up with Fortress and Chimp for a month!


The Outside