• May 5, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up with the Finders Keepers Crew

“Finders Keepers Crew went to Brighton for the
weekend for the launch party of Math Magazine. The mag looks dope and we had fun
drinking chocolate vodka, and wreaking the dance floor of the local indie club
(don’t ask D*Face if you can borrow a marker - the bouncers still have them!!).
The next day was spent stickering our way to the beach, and getting our tan on.
Me and D*Face left Al and PMH to ride the ghost train, and came back to London
to take advantage of the long weekend and get up some stuff (I got stopped by
the police, and told the most convincing lies of my life!)”... CHIMP

/>Big up to the Brighton Massive - Matt Sewell, Muju, Leigh from 3012, Mish,
Hugh and Boo, and big thanks to Vickie’s mum for letting us trash her house








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