• June 20, 2010
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With Swoon - The Konbit Shelter Project



“I just got back from my first trip to Haiti. I’m working to develop a sustainable building project in the village of Barriere Leudi, in collaboration with a group of artists, builders, architects, and engineers - and with the Mango Grower’s Association in Barriere Jeudi.

After the Quake, Ben Wolf, Olivia Katz, and I were asking ourselves how we as a small group of individuals could contribute to the situation there, especially with regard to so many people losing their homes. We knew that there would be many big NGO’s doing projects large and small, but that there would still be room, and even need, for focused contributions on a person to person scale. So, we spent the last 5 months developing the Konbit Shelter project. We will be working to adapt the Super-Adobe building technique to the climate of Haiti, and building some structures in this Leogane village, starting with a community center, and moving on to housing of all works out.

Take a look at our site here, we will be posting more detailed updates soon!”... Swoon