• April 2, 2010
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With Pablo Aravena

From Pablo:

“Got back to Montreal from Chile 5 days before the megaearthquake. I spent a few months there this winter writing a fiction script and a shooting demo for a new documentary project about Chilean Street Art called Chile Estyle. Chile’s scene is so vibrant and ripe right now its really incredible how much painting on the street goes on down there and the amazing artists working on the street. Learning about all the political painting brigades before in late 60’s and the whole history makes me feel like Chile has a unique muralism/street art tradition in the world.  With the demo we are trying to create awareness for the project and the artists and to help to finance the feature length version. Chile is NEXT! Keep your eyes peeled for when we launch www.chileestyle.com any day now.