• March 22, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With Oles in Rotterdam

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Ha there Woosters, how are things in NY, is the snow
already gone? Here spring is kicking in and everybody’s preparing to hit the
streets again!

Here are some pictures of a live painting session by
us, the infamous Lastplal/EchtNiet, in a place called Club Waas. It was a really
good night, the owner kept giving us free drinks, the vj played a lot of images
of us painting in another place and doing stuff in the streets and they een
released a CD with us on the cover, true moviestars ha ha ha! The artists who
participated include Booreiland, Tomek, Pbloem, ACAB, Pinwin, WatNou, Foxy, and
me Oles

Oke, hope to send more and other stuff soon, but for now,
greetings from a sunny Rotterdam!