• April 28, 2010
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With Mr. Puppet

Bounce show..puppet part

- I was asked to make a graffiti in “electric boogie puppet classic 1984 style”..now 2010
for the streetdance group Bounce last show!
i guess i was the right man for that;)
Westarose in the house;)

The show was amazing.. really crazy big success
50.000 sold ticket with 5 shows sold out at GLOBEN arena Stockholm..

it was un honour for me to take part of this show.
the Bounce crew is my homeboys from my hometown Westarose
20 years ago they used to be them small kids sitting and watch us back in the days when I was breaking in the streets!

Now!  They also asked me if i still can make a move..?

watch the film and you see..

Bounce always RESPECT..
damn they are really Cool Kids
13 years of sold out shows..what can you say..
the show will also be shown on National Tv later.