• July 31, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up With Club Animals


“the free bouncy rides are going pretty good.  of course giving them on the subway platforms in the summer heat is tough but the smiles i see on the people’s faces and the pictures that i get keep me going for the hour.  needless to say i stink pretty bad when i get home with the soaked mascot costume.

my brand new project, the “candy crack delivery service”, is a new thing where i personally hand deliver a 100 % sugar fake crack rock to people’s houses in the brooklyn areas of williamsburg and greenpoint. i’m going to be doing it twice a month on the weekend.  i make the crack from broken sugar cubes and then color and flavor them with snow cone syrup and then drop them in a little crack bag which goes for $1
per bag.

the first delivery I had last weekend was very scary because I didn’t know what to expect.  i burst in the guy’s front door and started running around his apartment like a stunned boxer or a scared bee.  i rushed the sale and got out of there as soon as i could.  later i realized how weird i acted and laughed.  later in the evening i got a second call to a party where i delivered some candy crack to a couple girls.  they were cool and i think we’re going to become friends. the next time i’m doing it is Saturday August 8th.”.... Club Animals