• May 24, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Catchin’ Up on Our Reading…. Bloodwars Volume One

Over the last few weeks we’ve received a
terrific selection of recent and upcoming art related books and DVDs. In the
next few days we’re hoping to completely catch up on our backlogged reading

Here’s our first report of the best of what’s out there…..

src="http://www.woostercollective.com/images/booksf1.jpg" />

/>When it comes to new street art and graf related books, perhaps the best of
the bunch is sfaustina’s new href="http://www.bloodwarsmagazine.com/webbook/bloodwarsbook.html">Bloodwars
Volume One
. We’ve been a big fan of sfaustina’s href="http://www.bloodwarsmagazine.com/downloads.html">free downloadable
Bloodwars PDF magazines
for a long time, so when we heard that he was
putting together a limited edited edition print version of the online mag, we
were excited as hell. The good news is that Bloodwars Volume One is absolutely
amazing. Each page has so many layers and textures that it’s as if the art is
literally exploding from each of the 150 pages.  Each page is filled with a
mixture of throw ups, tags, photographs, fill ins, and outlines. Bloodwars V1 is
the type of book that you can spend hours literally looking at each and every
page. As both a designer and artist himself, SFAUSTINA knows how put it all
together into a compelling package.  His style is both unique and extremely
powerful. Plain and simple, Bloodwars Volume One is a great book.