• February 1, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Call for Submissions: Sten and Lucamaleonte’s Poster Show in Rome


Our friends Sten and Lucamaleonte in Rome are organizing an international poster show that will run from the first of May untill the 30th ofJune, in Rome, in a big loft directed by students in the San Lorenzo zone.  For the show, Sten and Lucamaleonte are putting out a call for wheate paste posters. Some of the posters they collect for the show will be placed on the walls of the loft while others will be attached to the walls of the street which takes you to the Loft.

The maximum height for the posters are 3.5 meters.  All posters need to be received by April 1st. 

Here’s the address to send them to:

luca vollono
via G.Valmarana 107
00139 Roma