• February 10, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Call For Entries: God Bless Graffiti Coalition at MASS MOCA


/>“And Graffiti commanded man to paint all walls with bright and lively colors,
do not fall prey to the evil of the buff, of dripping brown paint and
sandblasted emptiness” Krylon 2:16-17

“Wherefore, as by one buff sin
entered the world, and so buffing passedamong all walls.” Painter’s Touch

Call for Participation: We Want Your Street Art
Deadline: April 15, 2004

The God Bless Graffiti Coalition
(GBGC), a national graffiti advocacy group (see below description), is looking
for artists around the world who use posters, stencils, stickers, sign
installations, and anything else that sticks to walls to send us their work for
an exhibition project entitled “On the 8th Day…” wall.

This project
is part of a larger political art exhibition opening this coming May 2004 at
Mass MOCA (the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art), one of the leading
museums for contemporary art in North America.  The show, called “The
Interventionists,” is a collection of work by artists who “intervene” in public
space. Mass MOCA sees over 110,000 people
come through its doors in the course of a year!  “The Interventionists” will be
on display for 10 months. The “On the 8th Day…” project will be installed on a
69’ x 20’ wall which is located in the opening room for the entire “The
Interventionists” exhibition.

This is an open call and we are asking
for MULTIPLE copies of poster, stencil, sticker and sign work (as well as actual
cut stencils) of any size (we would love to receive large works). The GBGC will
be using all this material to construct and compose a giant wall of street art,
with the work pasted, stuck and painted directly on the wall. NOTE: Because   we
will be piling the work of hundreds of artists onto the wall, some work will
only be partially visible on the final product (just like in the street).  The
work doesn’t have content limitations, political and non-political street art
are equally welcome.

Include the name you use for your art in with
your work.  If you are sending work for multiple people or your crew, tell us
what is what.  If you want us to confirm that we receive your work, or if you
want to   hear how the show goes, then include contact info in your package,
either an email or a physical address.  If you have any questions   please let
us know at graffiti@counterproductiveindustries.com and we will try to help. We
look forward to hearing from you!

In Graffiti We Trust,
The God
Bless Graffiti Coalition

December 2003

Mailing Information:

/>Send all work up to 24” x 36” in size to:
Josh/GBGC PO Box 476971
Chicago, IL 60647 usa

If possible, please send extra stickers, flyers
and small posters, we will be dispensing them out of newspaper boxes in the
museum. No work will be wasted, all will be distributed or put up.  If anything
is leftover, we will put it up on the street!

Send all work larger
than 24” x 36” to: MASS MoCA (Attn: Nato Thompson),1040 MASS MoCA Way, North
Adams, MA 01247 usa

Absolute Deadline: April 15, 2004

list of confirmed participants:
Abe Lincoln Jr. (NYC), Aerosolarts (La
Jolla, CA), ANT (Vienna, Austria), APE7 (Sydney), Jason Archer & Paul Beck
(Austin, TX), Arrrgh! (Hannover, Germany), Bask (Detroit), Brandon Bauer
(Milwaukee), BOB215 (NJ), Buffmonster (LA), Alex Costa (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Dr.
Blade (Atlanta), Dub Syndicate (Houston), Shepard Fairey (LA), Jerome G
(Paris), Give Em Hell (NJ), Lord Hao (Paris), HECZ (Chicago), Height Lab (LA),
Hubert One (Brooklyn), INK 76 (NYC), Jet-Pac (York, UK), JS04 (Chicago), Kempt
(Boston), Klutch (Portland, OR), Nicolas Lampert (Milwaukee), Charlene Lau
(Toronto), MAD One (Tempe, AZ), MAKE (LA), Markron103 (Phillipines), Minigraff
(Sydney, Australia), Claude Moller   (SF), Roger Peet (Tucson, AZ), POCH
(France), RB827 (Brooklyn), REVISE CMW (Chicago), Erik Ruin (Detroit), Schhh
(Barcelona), Scout (Albany,  NY), Sevenist (Chicago), Shiro (LA), Skumskullz
(Germany), Sunkist (Netherlands), Swoon (Brooklyn), TXMX (Hamburg), Nick Walker
(UK), W/REMOTE (Minneapolis)

The God Bless Graffiti Coalition was
founded in 2000 in Chicago in order to combat growing national and international
anti-graffiti trends.  We first published our Give Graffiti the Thumbs Up
brochure to help educate the public about the truth of graffiti. This brochure
has been distributed on the streets via newspaper boxes in Chicago, Columbus OH, 
San Francisco and Los Angeles. It has also been distributed in the magazine
Faesthetic#3 and by hand via an underground network of street artists. The
success of our initial brochure has led us to expand our activities, including
subway ads and our latest endeavor, graffiti bible tracts.  The “On the 8th
Day…” wall will be our first museum installation and just another attempt
tospread the gospel of graffiti to wider and wider audiences”

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