• May 31, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Buffmonster - The VitalsAge: 24Hometown:


Buffmonster - The Vitals

Hometown: Honolulu
Where do you now live?: Los
How long have you been creating street art?: If you want to
count graffiti as street art, then 8 years.
What did you do last
Had a 40 while trying to watch a hockey game. Not a big sports fan,
but my buddy’s cute neighbor entertained me.
What is your favorite thing
to eat for dinner?:
Mexican food.
Who is your favorite fictional
until a few months ago it was Spongebob Squarepants.
/>What do you currently have in your pockets?: Don’t you want to know.
/>If you were given “more time,” what would you do with it?: Get closer
to being as successful as I want to be.
Who do you love?: My family
and friends. And myself, of course, though not as frequently as you might


Buffmoster - The A’s to Our Q’s:

Wooster: How did you get started in
creating art for the street?

Buffmonster: I started doing
graffiti, and that was a whole lot of fun. But its just a big soap opera, and I
don’t watch soap operas. So I began to focus on non-graffiti things..

/>Wooster: Why Buffmonster?

Buffmonster:  How can you
ignore a force that is far stronger than the graff scene? Graffiti writers come
and go, but the buff stays strong. I just want to channel that energy.

/>Wooster: What other street artists do you most admire and why?

/>Buffmonster:  Tofer just told
me yesterday that he mentioned me in his interview, so of course I’m going to
mention him. He’s a hard-working partner. I really appreciate the site-
specificity of most European street art. All the big names are doing it

Wooster: What’s your favorite city, neighborhood, or
block, to post and/or to see street art?

Buffmonster:  LA is
cool if you just accept if for what it is. And it seems like you can do whatever
you want in San Francisco.

Wooster: What inspires you now?
Buffmonster:  All the same things: porn, ice cream and rock n’

What are you currently working on?  Can you
give us a sneak peek?

Buffmonster:  I’m working on being a
more valuable member of society.