• April 13, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Bob’s Big Boy


If you’re familiar with adFuntures Fling, then you know the work of Dave Silva. He designed it.

Dave’s recent project is “customized” Bob’s Big Boys.

He explains:

“I have dedicated my miserable life to creating these 10 inch monstrosities. I have over 27 variations that continue to grow. I just recently finished a Sleestak Bob. They basically are resin casts of a Bob’s Big Boy restaurant bank that
a friend bought for me a long time ago.(He said it looked like me when I was in Grade school). I cast them and customized them myself. Started of with all 4 band members of KISS and evolved into everything from DEVO-Bob to Osama Bob-Laden. I have a small showing of them here in Orange County ,Ca this month through June at the Kitsch Bar in Costa Mesa”