• May 25, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

blackbox1 from 1998 in Ghent by frans + frank - An Explanation

From HOMEBAZZZ…“sorry my English I’m not so
good in it !!  This photo is taken in Jan 1998 it shows you one of the 3 boxes
placed in Ghent, was a idee of them….(there are a couple that work together
sins 1982..) ...to get the brains of passing’ byes at work…... in this time of
year. In Ghent (Belgium) its winter….. And some people have to sleep in these
boxes… happily not in Ghent yet.. But in Brussels is it so…(remember Belgium
is own of the riches countries of Europe) ..And last but not least the good
citizens are afraid of these people… there are out-lows…  so that’s why they
makes it for (remember iron weed the movie , -)...  )  The title is a song of a
crossover group here in Ghent an is the story about refugees, homeless.”

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