• December 16, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Best of 2005 - Your Thoughts?

Not too long ago we asked some of our favorite artists to give us their “Best of 2005” picks. We’ve received some terrific responses.  We started putting them up on the site earlier this week.  The “Best of 2005” entries take a ton of time to format. We’d like to put up hundreds of them, but we can. Each day we’ll get up as many as we can.

But one thought we had this morning, was to use the new comments feature, and ask all of you who your Best of 2005 are. 

Which artists blew you away this year?  What was your favorite new artist in 2005?  What are you most looking for in 2006?....

Let us know your “Best of 2005” in the comments section below.