• October 10, 2003
  • Posted by Marc


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Stepping into the realm
again, B/D brings it in the form of “Skate and Destroy” Complete with Two
different Cover Designs. Our Skate issue features a range of skate related
artists, from graphics pioneer/pro skater Andy Howell, to skate design
kingpin/the busiest man alive, Andy Muller. This issue also hits hard with the
initiation of our world coverage of street art from Calcutta, India. Still
keeping our content as real as day one, we come with Swoon and her unique hand
cut poster bombing, as well as the original design techniques of Commonwealth
Stacks. We bring the heat with grindcore designer Jon Chang. We also have a
health dose of guerilla landscape technicians in the form of, Billboard
Liberation and Zoltron, helping get over on the man, once and for all. Expanding
you optical senses is the work of tripped out illustrator, Anthony Yankovic III.
Our normal sections appear including the Artist Project that has expanded, and
our Private Stock section featuring the outstanding collection from Swek. We
have our inauguration of our music section, on the hip-hop side we got Def Jux
recording artist’s The Presence, and on the Rock angle we cover, one of
hardcores heaviest hitters Integrity and the Locust. On top of all that visual
stimulation loads of graffiti flix,, come on you know you love them.


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Price: somewhere in the $5-8 range.
/>Subscription available at B/D’s
. Also check the site for shops that carry B/D.

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