• January 15, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

Barcelona Then and Now

For many years, if you were to ask us where the “heart” of the street art movement was, the answer we would give was always Barcelona.  Not only would artists travel to Barcelona to paint on the streets, but many of them would move their as well just because the city was tolerant to their work. 

Barcelona was for us, a live version of the Wooster website. On the walls you would see work from artists from all over the world together.

But then, not too long ago, the city of Barcelona began systematically wiping out the street art scene in the city.  Today, the scene in Barcelona is only a shadow of what it once was. 

From Chaz comes a link to the video above created by Pas.  In 2004, Pas became a fan of The London Police and walked the Raval neighborhood taking pictures of the TLP lads as well as work by other artists from across Europe.

Two weeks ago, Pas returned to stay at Raval.  But what he found there was very different then two years before.  To show how things had changed, he took pictures of the exact same locations he visited and shot in 2004.

The result is one of the best photographic reportage we’ve seen yet that documents the disappearing street art scene in Barcelona.