• May 30, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Announcing Wooster on Paper—Hollywood: The Remix (The Book)

We’re pleased to announce our first “Wooster on
Paper” project….



Our first book showcases work from
over forty-five artists from across the globe. The book is filled with each
artist’s unique interpretation of the “Hollywood” theme. The book includes a
mixture of drawing, photography, collage, and graphic design.

printed a limited run of 1,000 copies.  For more information, click href="http://www.woostercollective.com/hollywoodbook.html">here.


Medium and Jet-Pac

src="http://www.woostercollective.com/hollybook2.jpg" width= "440">>
and Luke Insect

56 Pages of Original Art

86 (Brazil), ARRRGH! (Germany), Blek le Rat (France),
Boris (Spain), Buff Monster (USA), Kelly Burns (USA), Cheba (UK),
Chief_Draftsmen_Kofie One (USA), C100 (Germany), Chimp (England), CUM (Belgium), 
ESM (Canada), Eko, Facefont (Italy), Flash-Boi (Belgium), Ignorancia (Spain),
Luke Insect (England), Jace (France), Jet-Pac (England), Jet+Rubble (USA), kgbe
rotgut (USA), Klutch (USA), Labrona (Canada), Abe Lincoln, Jr. (USA), Magmo
(USA), MCA (USA), Medium (Canada), Mkan (France), Mudwig Dan (England),
Mysterious Al (England), Oles (Holland), Matt Shlian (USA), Tofer (USA), Joel
Trussell (USA), Paul Insect (England), Regular Product (Australia), Keren
Richter (USA), Skewville (USA), Urban Medium (USA), Nick Walker (England), Yok
(Australia), Zononkinder (Germany)

Photography by:

G (France), Ed Hurdles and Mr. Hurt (Germany)