• September 11, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Alto-Contraste on Paulo Maluf


From Alto-Contraste in Sao Paulo:

“The ex São Paulo´s Mayor, Paulo Maluf, that was arrested less than one year ago, for public money deviation, corruption and many other political crimes, is back to the politic spots, competing for a public job in the coming elections.It´s not enough to him to be a kind of Brazilian Berlusconi and a unpunished simbol. Now, in the usual propaganda (ilegal, we have to say) that invades the walls, he become to scramble the city graffitis. We prefer to break him down personally, but he´s that untouchable kind of people. So, we are happy to leave this “post it” at the same wall. We´re trully shamed to use our paint with this bastard´s face, but, in spite of that, it was fun. And the better thing is that we´re noting some mobilization of other graffiters in the same direction. God damned politics! be satisfied with invanding the tv (that´s already full of shit) and leave the walls for us!

Cheers for all!