• November 25, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Alphabet City from Michael DeFeo


It’s been almost three years since we first met Michael DeFeo and
his wife Kristen. As far back as we can remember, Michael’s been talking about
doing a street art book that would be for kids, but loved by adults as well.
Now, just over a year after having his first child, Michael’s book will
finally be in the stores. In the coming weeks Ginko Press will be releasing href="http://www.alphabetcitybook.com">ALPHABET CITY. We’re absolutely
thrilled for Michael as we know that this project is a true labor of love. We’re
also pleased to say that the book is really terrific. This past summer we got a
sneak peak, as Sara and I were very honored to write the introduction.

/>To put the book together, Michael spent months on end creating and then
pasting up in terrific spots all over New York, street art with each piece
representing a single letter in the alphabet.

With so many artists
having their first child in the last two years (Dalek, MCA, Vinne Ray, to name
just a few), ALPHABET CITY is incredibly timely.


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