• November 2, 2008
  • Posted by Marc

“All City Animation Project”: A Nice Little Animation By Ryan Dooley

choo chooooo

From Ryan: “All city animation project” is a simple means of expressing our territory and our community through an itinerary of projections taking place on different walls in different zones of OUR CITY, this project requires nothing else but a plug in for the projector and the participation of the viewers who can become potential critics or musicians depending on their relative comfort and enthusiasm INSIDE their LIVING spaces.  The animated film “Choo Choo” by Ryan Spring Dooley, is a surreal hand drawn film about how it is often our thoughts that project our realities onto the the barriers that compose our surroundings and how these barriers indeed well modified by media and municipal repression are always OUR OWN.  Inviting Ryan to project
his film from your living room, participating as a mini site specific festival of animation, choosing from what point or window to diplay this big drawing, you become active as a critic and a PARTICIPANT ( it is strongly encouraged that the crowd improvises the soundtrack and reflects on the meaning of the film.)  The simple event of projecting animation onto the walls of a neighbor or the car parked behind your
bicycle in front of your apartment, next to the grocery store, at the back of the alley or in the biggest castle in town; gives a new attention to how much of the space around you is governed by your own thought and how much is just left to nothing and nobody, an empty chair or wall that could be OURS or at least a reflection of OUR will and thought.  An authority very unique and very real, let’s give this away, let’s hang out a bit, eat some popcorn.”

Project starts in January in Milano, Febuary in Berlin, March in Dresden, April in Naples, May in Paris; June, July and August in the United States, *all films are site specific, hand drawn impressions of the city in question, the trailer on My space is a reflection of Milan, Italy?