• May 22, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Albus Cavus Art Gallery in New Brunswick

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From Peter: “My girlfriend Nicole and I run local href="http://www.albuscav.us">underground gallery in New Brunswick. We used
to show stuff in our basement, got shut down and now we are using public places.

Current show is at the train station. We are looking for artists… 
hint hint…

New Event:

Public Art Exhibit in the New
Brunswick Train Station

Albus Cavus Art Gallery is bringing another
community artist to our public space in New Brunswick.

Joseph T.
Barna, a photographer, film collector, and light magician,  has lived and worked
in New Brunswick area for 3 years. He has a great deal of experience working
with light, whether it is designing theatrical productions, taking photographs,
projecting films and slides, or experimenting with light and various media
during his light shows.

The exhibit titled “Light Paintings” will be
shown from May 21 through June 25 in the New Brunswick Train Station. It is
series of dynamicnon-representational images using long exposure and camera
movementto create experimental photography that studies the dynamics and colors
of otherwise ordinary objects.  “I call them paintings because I use the light
in front of the camera to draw on the film,  rather than just capturing a
‘picture’ of something,” says Joe by way of explaining his art.

exhibit the second of a series of shows in the New Brunswick train station. The
purpose of the series is to introduce local artists to New Brunswick residents
and to beautify public spaces.

For more information please do not
hesitate to contact Peter Krsko by email info@albuscav.us

href="http://www.albuscav.us">Albus Cavus Gallery