• December 14, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

A Quick Update on Wooster on Spring

We wish we had more time today to update you on a all of the last minute things that came together today.  Here’s some information that we had been meaning to post for a while now…

First, as you probably know earlier this week the group of artists involved in the exhibition got a whole lot larger… Doze Green, David Ellis, and Swoon have reached out to the Barnstromers crew, and now a collaborative piece is being done for the exhibition by Doze, David, Swoon, Rostarr, Kostas Seremetis, and other surprise guests invited by Doze and David.

Also, Daze has been workin’ up a piece inside as well.

We also wanted you to know that some of the work being done for the project is interactive with the city.  One of the artists, Iminentdisaster, has been putting together a piece the involves stereograms placed in different locations around Manhattan.  Here’s her artist statement for “Ghosts in the Basement”

Iminentdisaster wanted to tear down the walls of the project at 11 Spring Street so the project could take over the streets, but without the proper demolition machinery, this installation is the next best thing.

On the ground floor of the exhibition, the ghosts of graffiti have begun to creep up from underground to the building’s main space. There you will find a Stereoscope, a device designed to take two dimensional photos and merge them into a single 3-D image, with an empty viewfinder.

The viewfinder will remain empty as long as you remain inside the building. Several versions of the stereograms are installed on street poles around Manhattan and Brooklyn, waiting for you to take them down and bring them to the show. The messages on them are a collage of the various layers of urban legend and cultish interest that have haunted its windows and walls. The map below will show you where to look to find many of the stereograms, others will go unmapped to surprise those who keep their eyes open. 

You can learn more about the project by checking out her website here.

Also, don’t forget that the SoundLab will be placing “Sonic Tags” inside 11 Spring, so if you are in the area set you from Dec 15-17 set you transmission frequency modulation to 100.1

All weekend long we Soundlab will be broadcasting sounds live at the event. Don’t forget that we e need you to help us make up the soundsystem. Dig out your Boomboxes and handheld transistors tune when at the building to 100.1 on the fm dial. eq it. crank it. rock it.

Hours for the open house: 11-5pm Friday-Sunday
Date: Dec 15-17
Address: 11 Spring Street
Panel discussion 3pm on Sunday