• March 16, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

A Day In The Life Of…. Mike Genovese

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day in the life of.. started before I went to sleep this morning.  Powered by
fatigue and deadline we crunched a few more late hours in to the show. Tragic
Beauty Chicago was to open that night

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“After a
few hours of rest, it was time for some last minute chores for the details. I
was off to the south side to cop trim and fresh flowers.  First,  the textile
outlet in Little Village. Open and busy, zipped on coffee and frustrated with
chest pains I found the quiet corner of fabric trim…

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“It’s been
snipped and bagged, and i was off to pick up some flowers off Taylor Street.
Fausto, short on live carnations but big on love for the show, handed me the
batch of dead flowers he’d been collecting in the back. Running low on resources
and time Fausto came through with a tax id# for the flower wholesale hook-up.
The day felt it starting to begin..

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“Now that
I’ve been driving like mad man, getting these flowers; pretending to be a
delivery man, it’s time to head back to the space to be the garbage man, and
help get the gallery set for our guests.

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It was now
5:30 and we’re to open the doors in a 30 min. and it’s time to sign last minute
prints, take the tools out, and make sure the maids paid.  From behind the
curtain i passed the bar to our guests that have arrived,  Politely, I small
talked and left out the back door to have a horse bath.  When I got back the
love was in every corner.

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“from the
well behaved to ill mannered it all chalked up to be an amazing night.  but
damn was I glad when this day was over…

To see the details of Tragic Beauty as envisioned by Chris Silva, Cody

Hudson, Juan Chavez and I, visi`t href="http://www.tragicbeauty.org/">www.tragicbeauty.org