• March 17, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

A Day In The Life Of…. Calma

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11.00 am -
Wake up late and its already really really hot here in Sao Paulo, I open the
window and the sun is bombing, sky is not that blue cause the polution is also

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1.00 pm -
Theres no food at home so I call my friend Basa and we go to this Arab place to
have some esfihas and kibes and check some nice narghile that they sell

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2.30 pm -
Go back home and spend the whole afternoon working on some illustrations for a
magazine, I have a new toy in my work desk that I got the other day, its a
birthday gift I got from my lady friends from href="http://www.fotolog.net/amonstro">Amonstro.

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“6.00 pm -
I go to my yoga class and got back one hour and a half later for a meeting with
Moraes and Brasil from label Soma
. They are working on some nice limited edition stuff like prints and

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9.00 pm -
After the meeting my girlfriend pick me up and we go have some sushi and many
beers in this small place near my home.