• March 3, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

A Day In The Life Of…. Bob Kronbauer

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/>“This isn’t a conceptual art piece addressing my obvious dislike for digital
photography, it’s actually what’s left of the last digital camera that I owned.
A couple of nights ago it suddenly stopped working right in the middle of some
tests that we were shooting at 2AM. So a good friend of mine (who was shooting
the tests) and I decided to smash it into a few hundred pieces with a hammer
(pictured right), much to the non-delight of my neighbors. Not so
coincidentally, this is the first photo that I took with my new digital

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/>“Living on the edge of Chinatown has many advantages. One is that I can buy
Pummelos the size of my head for less than two dollars. Another is that I’m
constantly thrown into a culture that I wasn’t exposed to growing up but hope to
one day understand a little better. King crab for $4.99 per pound might have
been another advantage if somebody hadn’t recently explained to me, in great
depth, the “volatile nature of seafood” and that even if it’s on ice and it
looks amazing, it’s not necessarily going to agree with your digestive

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/>“About 12 blocks up the street from my new studio is a skateboard shop and art
gallery called Antisocial (http://www.antisocialshop.com) that my friends
Michelle Pezel and Rick McCrank own. I stop by there at least a couple of times
a week. I usually intend to visit for 5 minutes but end up talking with Michelle
for more than an hour. She’s rad. Later this month they’re holding an art show
containing a bunch of new works from the Art Dump of Girl Skateboards, where I
used to work. I’m really looking forward to checking out the show and catching
up with some old friends/co-workers.


“Despite (or perhaps because of) my hectic schedule as of late I
decided to visit a somewhat remote island off of the coast for a day or so to
chill out with a friend and his family who recently moved into a log cabin so
that he could head up the theatre department of the high school there. I wish I
could tell you that I hitched a ride over on “Miss Conduct II” but I took the
easy way out and drove my car onto a pontsy ferry named “The Queen Of Nanaimo”
complete with a cafeteria, payphones, tourist maps and restrooms with electric
hand dryers. “Miss” probably doesn’t accept random passengers from the mainland

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/>“A little bit of “MissConduct” in this photo here… On the way up the 9 mile
long dirt road to the viewpoint on the island’s Mount Maxwell my friend warned
me that “There’s going to be a moment during this drive that you’re going to
question whether or not it was a good idea to do this, but put that thought in
the back of your mind because it’s going to be SO worth it.”. We bottomed out in
muddy potholes a few times, drove over a Douglas Fir tree that was laying across
the road and probably did some permanent damage to the undercarriage of my
beloved new carriage, but after we got to the summit and hit about 50 range
balls off of a mile high cliff into the ocean I knew that, indeed, it WAS so
worth it. It was a foggy day and we couldn’t see the balls hit the water so it’s
possible that we ripped some of them through the sails of unknown vessels but
it’s really anyone’s guess where they landed. Pictured on the left, juice box in
hand, is Gavin, one of two of my recently adopted new nephews, watching and
likely dreaming of the day when he’s old enough to rip some balls of his own
through unknown vessels.”

I’m now back in the studio working away and
I hope that you enjoyed my “day”
in the life. Thanks for

Bob K.

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