• March 15, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

A Day In The Life Of… Medium

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“I slept at
the studio last night, so I wake up on the futon around 8:00 am. Its only about
4 feet long, so my legs are stiff.

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“Tach comes
by and we go to the diner for breakfast at the diner around the corner. They
make really good milkshakes.

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“Back to the
studio, I have two assistants helping me out today, Adam and Andrew.

they are helping me out, I work on the Qees that my buddy Matt and I are working
on. As soon as I took the photo, the tall one on the left fell and smashed on
the floor…I’m a nerd.

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“Its late by
now, so I go out on the fire escape for a smoke before sleep. Most of my days
are kinda boring, just hang around the studio.

You can see Medium’s work href="http://www.mediumphobic.com/">here.

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